Cfl Bargaining Agreement

The CFL and CFLpa formally began negotiations on the new collective agreement in March. The two sides agreed on a provisional agreement on 15 May and signed an agreement on 18 May. Each C.F.L. team will provide its players with free, free-to-choose or GMP-certified NSF supplements. The list of supplements is drawn up by mutual agreement on the basis of professional advice. Pending the approval of the C.F.L.P.A., the C.F.L. will also be able to affix the De Sport label to supplements. It is agreed that no supplement can be guaranteed to be free of prohibited substances and athletes continue to be solely responsible for any supplement they choose to use and any effects that come from a negative test result. The ceiling continues to increase by $50,000 over the previous year, as in the previous agreement, but there are two ways to increase the ceiling of these figures. The report is that the NFL actually said no to this agreement. Part of the problem between leagues seems to be the language that only default NFL player contracts will result in the release of CFL players. These differ from the NFL`s exercise schedule agreements.

It is assumed that the NFL/NFLPA`s does not allow players to try with such a restriction. Several media outlets reported Saturday that the CFL and CFL were to hold a conference call to clear up a misunderstanding in the memorandum of understanding agreed Wednesday. „Our new agreement calls for positive growth in our league and a new investment in our players. We have an exciting future ahead of us, and people around the world will see how we build it together. I want to thank our players, teams and fans for their patience and let them know that I share their enthusiasm for the start of the football season,” said Randy Ambrosie, CFL Commissioner According to a league source, CFL players with security concerns could decide not to play in 2020 without penalty. The league and the CFL Players Association continue to discuss changes to the current collective bargaining agreement that could contribute to a shortened season. The details of the new preliminary collective agreement will begin with TSN`s Farhan Lalji statement that, if ratified, it will be a three-year contract.

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