Mru Mrsa Collective Agreement

The Mount Royal Faculty Association offers a collective voice for the faculty, promotes academic mandate and freedom, defends the highest standards of professionalism in higher education and defends the values of diversity, justice and human rights. More information can be found in the key MRFA documents THE MRFA represents and supervises the approximately 800 scientific collaborators at Mount Royal University. All full-time, temporary and contract apprenticeship credit courses are members of the MRFA. These include librarians, counsellors, educational developers, laboratory educators and all staff designated as university staff. In accordance with the Alberta Post-Secondary Learning Act (LSP) and as a union under the Alberta Labour Relations Code, the central mandate of the MRFA is to negotiate the collective agreement and resolve alleged violations of the agreement through the complaint process. In addition, the MRFA is, as its members demand through the association`s statutes, a professional organization that promotes the professional reputation of its members, promotes the highest standards of professionalism in higher education, promotes the voice of the faculty in the common university governance of the MRU, is committed to quality, accessible and affordable post-secondary education. , which promotes mandate and academic freedom and defends the values of justice. diversity, inclusion and human rights.

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