Agreement Of Lease Hdb

The signing of a rental agreement is for dwellings that are still under construction and the key to the dwellings already concluded. Selection begins 1 to 2 weeks after the ballots are published and depends on your queue position. In the order of the queue number, candidates are called 1-2 weeks after the election results are published by an HDB representative at the Toa Payoh HDB hub. This HDB officer will accompany you for the rest of your BTO trip. Sign the rental contract or collect the keys to the apartment, a few months after choosing an apartment. Now that you probably have a BTO apartment on the horizon, it`s time to look for someone to lend you money to finance it. You must receive all your credit documents to sign the lease. BTO accommodations are released 4 times a year, usually around February, May, September and November. As the head, HDB will announce the launch six months in advance, with an overview of upcoming launch details, including a map of the area and types of units available.

You can use this preview period to decide if you want to apply for the apartments for sale. On the day you sign the lease, you must pay the down payment as well as stamp fees and legal fees. In this situation, it would be best to speak directly with the sellers and try to negotiate a deal to exempt you from the execution of the sale, without including a lawsuit. You may also be eligible for the staggered payment system. As the name suggests, you can pay half the down payment if you sign your lease, and the other half if you sign the terms and get your keys back. You must sign the lease within four months of booking an apartment. Make sure you have your credit arrangements in order until that date. After the publication of the BTO, you only have 7 days to decide and apply. The main objective of your second HDB appointment is: 1) signing the lease and 2) paying the down payment, stamp duty and legal fees. Down payment on the signing of the lease: 5% in cash – 5% with CPF OA Savings or Cash The result of your BTO vote will be published 3 weeks after the deadline for submitting applications.

The voting time for BTO launches has been reduced from 6 weeks to 3 weeks, starting with the launch of the BTO in May 2019. The more queue number you receive, the better. If you want to use your CPF savings to pay for your lump sum purchase, make sure you have 2-factor authentication (2FA) in place for your singing package.

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