Australia Vanuatu Security Agreement

We will deepen our security partnership. We are working together to develop police capacity and improve infrastructure, and on 16 January we opened the modernized Police Academy. We are also modernizing the infrastructure of the Vanuatu Mobile Force and the Maritime Police Wing and supporting training and leadership opportunities. In addition, Australia will help the Vanuatu government build a new police station on Malekula Island. We continue to work cooperatively on a bilateral security agreement. Under the leadership of Boe`s Statement on Regional Security, we will also work together to address the Unique Security Interests of the Pacific, including Cross-Border Crime, Humans, the Environment and Cyber Security. Australian Prime Ministers and Vanuatus today announced a stronger commitment to strengthen Vanuatu`s security. SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia vowed on Monday to strengthen Vanuatu`s cybersecurity capacity as it said it was ready to begin negotiations with its Pacific neighbour for a security treaty and strengthen diplomacy in the region to combat China`s growing influence. The newspaper learned that during the official visit of Vanuatu`s Prime Minister Charlot Salwai to Australia last year, Australian officials requested a security contract with Vanuatu, but Regenvanu said Vanuatu had not yet responded positively.

Vanuatus, the foreign minister, poured cold water on an Australian request for a security agreement between the two nations. In September, members of the Pacific Island Forum, including Australia, signed Boe`s declaration, which stated that climate change was the main threat to regional security. Australia also participated in the new Vanudou National Security Task Force and began to develop the government`s process for drafting cybercrime laws. SUVA, January 15 (Xinhua) — The South Pacific island state of Vanuatu is not interested in a security agreement with Australia because it will affect the country`s status without status, a Vanuatuan government minister said. Cybersecurity has become a focal point and Australian security authorities are concerned that the hardware installed by China`s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd poses a risk to data security. Australia`s Internet promise to the Solomon Islands directly blocked a similar offer from Huawei. But that did not seem to rule out an agreement on internal security, law and order or humanitarian operations. Strengthening Australia`s engagement involves significant improvements in the infrastructure of the Vanuatu Mobile Force and the Maritime Police Wing, improved training and leadership for the three branches of Vanuatu police, and a new defence advisor in Vanuatu to strengthen this important security relationship. Vanuatu and Australia will further deepen our security relations, including by promoting a bilateral security agreement.

He said Vanuatu was not interested in an exclusive security contract with a country. During a visit by Vanuatu`s Prime Minister Charlot Salwai to Canberra, Australia offered up to AUD 19.5 million ($14 million) in education assistance and said it would spend AUD 400,000 to develop Vanuatus` cyber politics and security. Ralph Regenvanu, an advocate for climate change, told Dan McGarry, editor-in-chief of the Daily Post, that he was optimistic that the visit would show a bilateral pull-up on regional security issues.

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