Kraft Heinz Credit Agreement

Kraft Heinz and AB InBev incurred significant debts even before the emergence of coronavirus led to a sharp slowdown in global economic activity. They join companies such as Boeing (BA) in deciding to use their credit facilities with banks as a pre-emption measure to ensure access to cash. This correspondence agreement is the entire contract between the parties on the purpose of this agreement. Unless specifically stated, all credit Two trademark conditions and provisions are the last companies to raise money by reducing credit facilities from banks, according to recent reports. (b) the administration official received a certificate from a Kraft Heinz representative duly authorized from the date of the extension, under which, from the date of the renewal contract` entry into force, the insurance and guarantees provided for in section 4.01 of the credit agreement (these assurances and guarantees for the purposes of this clause (b) in reference to this point of conclusion after any reference to the agreement its wording) to correct, before and after approval of the amendments made to them, as they were on that date and from that date; Provided that any insurance and guarantee qualified in terms of „substantial character” or „substantial negative effects” or by a similar language is true and correct in all respects on that date and that there have been no delays or delays and that it persists from that date; and Kraft Heinz (TICKER: KHC) has drawn up a $4 billion revolving line of credit with banks, and Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) has entered into a $9 billion credit facility. The cost of one-day borrowing has doubled for many businesses in the space of a week, according to the latest Federal Reserve data. Companies with the second highest short-term credit rating now pay 3.1% for one day, up from 1.5% a week ago. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties correctly executed this correspondence agreement by their respective agents at the time of the first writings. Each of Kraft Heinz and the parent borrower acknowledges (a) and agrees to: that the secured obligations (as defined in the Holdco guarantee contract) and the designated ancillary obligations are defined after the renewal date comes into effect after this mail contract comes into force and include all obligations of borrowers or designated subsidiaries, as part of the amended credit contract and (b) and confirms its guarantee and other obligations arising from the credit of the Holdco guarantee contract or Article VIII of the credit contract, to the extent that this may be the case, and accepts that its guarantee and other obligations arising from the Holdco guarantee contract or under this article remain fully in force after the effect of that agreement.

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