Power Purchase Agreement Training Courses

This PPA workshop will be based on a database of approximately 100 PPAs from around the world and all kinds of energy production technologies. We will continue to discuss a wide range of country-by-country case studies and projects in emerging countries and compare them to international experience in the energy sector. The seminar experience requires the interactive participation of delegates to discuss cases, conduct exercises and read in-depth legal documents. Our Power Purchase Agreements for Renewable Energy Power Plants course allows you to understand the components of renewable energy power purchase contracts and expand your technical, financial and management skills. Because of their relatively high cost of capital for renewable power plants, investors need long-term certainty about the facility`s ability to sell the electricity generated. This is generally achieved through a long-term aerating contract for renewable energy. Because of its importance in the funding process, its content is essential. The course will include practical examples of projects currently underway in Turkey. The Power Purchase Contract (AAE) is a complex part of an energy project and can be used to purchase any type of energy, including renewal and non-renewable. Negotiating a banking AAE is essential if a project is to be launched. This coach is a regular speaker both internal in his law firm and external at conferences on project finance topics and has also provided numerous trainings with large clients of companies and banks. He has also spoken at various conferences on the African project finance market and can speak English, French and German. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) work in many different contexts.

They can be used to support the development of new projects or for the energy supply of existing projects. They can be written by independent electricity producers, governments or utilities. They can operate in regions where electricity exchanges and markets are sophisticated and they can also operate in developing countries with a single buyer and a centralized supplier of monopoly electricity. In the sessions of this course, we deal with each of these contexts. We produce unique learning solutions for your business. We support you throughout the process, from the first consultation to the evaluation of the success of the entire learning experience.

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