Settlement Agreement And Mutual General Release

This must confirm that I read the instrument carefully above and that I made myself known, who expressly acknowledged to me that he understood and knowingly performed the same thing as a full and definitive version. The Coach Company, which signed and was appointed, and its staff, reached a settlement of all claims and claims that the undersigned filed against the bus company and/or – as a result of this accident, including all claims and claims that have been or could have been invoked in this appeal, under the number `civil action` as a term which the undersigned intends to find to be compared with prejudice, to the extent that it applies to Coach Company and/or – taking into account that payment and other value considerations, as noted above, here C_______ Casualty Company, the undersigned, continues to grant credit to the amount of the sum of the sum of the sum, which must be applied in the first place to the liquidation of a court , the result of the accident above is due to the accident of – and releases their claims up to the sum of dollars (dollars) but does not go against these – and with regard to E_______ Casualty Company, the mandatory insurer of ` With respect to their rights to compensation of any kind and of any kind, whatever the outcome of this accident was met by the payment and consideration mentioned above up to the sum of dollars but no more, since the liability limits of C_______ casual company were met under the conditions described in this directive. CONSIDERING that neither party accepts any of the allegations made by the other party with respect to this appeal, by making this provision and related publications; In exchange for the payment of the sum of $1 million to the lessor, whose receipt is recognized by the lessor, and in view of the mutual agreements reached and specified, the parties agree: here in full, herely acknowledges receipt of $1, satisfaction and payment of a disputed debt resulting from bodily harm and property damage suffered by the undersigned as a result of an accident that occurred on the day of the undersigned, the aforementioned, and in view of the sum that was signed and released forever said – his heirs, his successors, his directors, personal representatives and kicks of any act, origin of the acts, of responsibility , claims and claims on or as a result of known and unknown damages, loss, injury or suffering that has been or may be suffered by the undersigned as a result of such an accident.

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