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In the 21st century, Indian foreign policy has attempted to use India`s strategic autonomy to protect sovereign rights and promote national interests in a multipolar world. [3] [4] [5] Among the governments of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the United States has shown that it lives up to India`s fundamental national interests and has recognized the concerns that are still open. [6] Increased bilateral trade and bilateral investment, cooperation on global security issues, involving India in decision-making on global governance issues (UN Security Council), improving representation in trade and investment forums (World Bank, IMF, APEC), integrating the multilateral export control regime (MTCR, Wassenaar Agreement, Australia Group) and supporting membership in the technology supplier group and joint production through technology exchange agreements have become important milestones and speed and progress towards closer relations between the United States and India. [7] In 2016, India and the United States signed the Memorandum of Understanding[9][10] and India was declared a Major Defense Partner of the United States. [12] In 2020, India had tabled its agreement to end an embargo on exports of a drug called hydroxychloroquine, which US President Donald Trump had called „game-change” amid the fight against the continuation of the global coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). The verdict came after Trump warned of a threat of retaliation against India if it did not comply with the export embargo against hydroxychloroquine. [13] On August 3, 2018, India became the third Asian nation to receive Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) status from the United States. STA-1 allows high-tech products to be exported to civilian space and U.S. defense to India. [244] [245] That is why the archaic BECA must be modified.

A beCA civil dry race can be tested for interoperability through the Indo-NOAA agreement signed in 2008. But because of China`s obvious and current danger, Washington`s strategic embrace by New Delhi is the obvious result. The Indian defense company has already deployed at least five U.S. platforms on the LAC – C-17 Globemaster III for military transport, Boeing Chinook CH-47 as a heavy helicopter, Boeing Apache as a tank killer, P-8I Poseidon for land reconnaissance and Lockheed Martins C-130J for aircraft lifts. In July 2005, Bush received Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Washington, D.C. The two heads of state and government announced the success of the NSSP and other agreements that strengthened cooperation in the fields of nuclear, civil and high-tech civil trade. Other initiatives announced included the U.S.-India economic dialogue, HIV/AIDS, disaster relief, technological cooperation, a knowledge initiative for agriculture, a trade policy forum, an energy dialogue, a CEO forum and a reciprocity initiative to promote democracy and freedom. [232] President Bush delivered India in March 2006, during which the progress of these initiatives was reviewed and new initiatives were launched.

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