Entrepreneur In Residence Agreement

Steve`s law firm serves both large and small employers in Jackson County. He enjoys meeting entrepreneurial people and helping creative and talented people develop legal solutions to their business goals. His areas of activity include municipal and administrative law, labour law, business creation and general advice, estate planning, estate and estate administration, and real estate law. Another example is DJ Patil, the Data Scientist in Residence at Greylock Partners. one. There is a flexible company agreement that says that whatever the contractor decides next, the VC can take a look at it. But what does an „entrepreneur-in-residence” do? How did this idea come about? Dr. Stapleton is a nationally recognized entrepreneur, coach and customer development expert for creative and technical companies. In 2016, he was co-founder of carGO, a transportation network company that offers on-demand ride sharing and delivery services in micropolitical regions. CarGO was launched in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and plans to expand into dozens of markets over the next two years. Dr. Stapleton is also the co-founder of Conflux, a customer loyalty and behavior platform that uses innovative outreach and analytics tools to promote customer loyalty and growth. In 2014, he was co-founder of Codefi, a co-working business center.

Codefi supported 23 technology-based startups, which created more than 60 jobs and attracted more than $3 million in private and public investment. Codefi has more than 170 members representing 74 companies and occupying nearly 13,000 sf in the new Marquette Tower. Dr. Stapleton was co-founder of marquette`s Tech District and executive director of the Marquette Tech District Foundation. The District is a regional innovation centre integrated into the historic Cape Girardeau Centre in 2016 through a 25-million-year development project that includes the renovation of more than 145,000 square metres of office space, a new private/public fibre-optic network, restaurants and a Marriott Courtyard hotel. Program Description – Launched in 2017, the EIR program strengthens existing programs while developing innovation resources for regional entrepreneurship. The program offers opportunities for cooperation and resources for high-growth start-ups, university technology spin-offs and regional innovation companies. The objective of the EIR program is to increase employment opportunities, stimulate innovation and fill current innovation gaps, provide strong tutoring and management support, and improve access to capital investment by leveraging the knowledge base of experienced ITAs.

one. Some companies have executives in the residence. These are people like former CEOs who are looking for another leadership position that they are going to go to.

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