Hospital Mutual Aid Agreements

The MEMORANDUM of Understanding (MOU) is a voluntary agreement between members of the hospital (name of the hospital association or hospital board) or (list of hospitals parties to the agreement) to provide mutual assistance at the time of a medical disaster. For the purposes of this agreement, a disaster is defined as an overwhelming incident that exceeds the effective response capacity of the institutions or health facilities concerned. An incident of this magnitude will almost always be (name of the local agency) emergency management and (name of the local public health authority). The disaster can be an „external” or „internal” event for hospitals and assumes that the emergency management plans of each affected hospital have been fully implemented. This document discusses the relationship between hospitals and between hospitals and aims to expand the disaster plan for each facility, not to replace it. The agreement also provides the framework for hospitals to coordinate as a single H-MAS community in actions with (name of local agency) administration, (name of local health service) and emergency medical services during planning and response. This document does not replace, but complements, the rules and procedures for interacting with other organizations in the event of a disaster (for example. (B) law enforcement, local emergency medical services, local health services, firefighters, the American Red Cross, etc.). The concept of mutual support is well established and is considered a „support standard” in most emergency disciplines. The aim of this mutual assistance agreement is to help hospitals make emergency interventions by authorizing the mutual aid hospitalization system (HMAS). H-MAS lends medical personnel, medicines, supplies and equipment, or assists in the evacuation of hospitals, including the reception of transferred patients.

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