403 No Roaming Agreement From Current Network

We have a problem with the error of the call. The sip-local route scheme for outgoing calls is created to call inside the city. The call is successful, but some local numbers in the same city are not eligible. Gives the signal. The same number that does not work can be chosen from E1. This problem is only due to the SIP drink and not to the E1. The information obtained in response to the Cx-Query may indicate that „roaming is not allowed for the participant of the visited1.net network”. In this case, I-CSCF must return a 403 (Forbidden) response to the EU. I-CSCF inserts a warnheader in the response who informs the EU of the reason for the rejection of the registration requirement. The warning header contains the network name that inserts the warning header (warning = home1.net) and can also contain warning text. The alert code inserted in the distortion header is 399. Authorization name – your city number (74999250000 z.B.

with the seven) top identity that is used to communicate with other users route models CM –> SIP_Outgoing-RL (Three sip-trunks in the direction of VGW with;; Target IPs.), but still something does not work. . Steps 1 to 17 correspond to the signal flow in subsection 6.2. . . Already registered? Register here. Customs duties are in a box. A little more or less (although still more expensive) and something is exorbitant compared to other SIP operators….

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