Breaking Lease Agreement Texas

Leases govern the relationship between tenants and landlords. Both sides expect to meet the agreed timetable. However, unexpected life events can occur, sometimes resulting in a breach of the lease. Section 92.016 of the Texas Property Code gives victims of domestic violence the right to „reject and avoid responsibility.” This means that a victim of domestic violence can break their lease without penalty and, in some cases, without notice. Landlords who do not allow the tenant to break the lease or who attempt to impose barriers, conditions or restrictions on the victim are breaking the law and are subject to a civil penalty of one month`s rent plus $500, damages, and they must pay the victim`s attorney`s fees. As has already been said, the reasons for breaking a lease may or may not be justified. If justified by law, it means that tenants no longer have any other liability in the rental agreement. All they need to do is send you the notification and, if necessary, provide proof. When a tenant is a victim of domestic violence, they can break the lease prematurely without having to expect a penalty.

You can ask for legal credentials, for example. B an injunction against your partner. If you decide to terminate the rental agreement, you must inform the lessor in your second written notification that you will terminate the rental agreement, unless the situation is repaired or corrected within a reasonable time (probably seven days). Remember that you have the right to terminate only if the condition significantly affects the physical health or safety of an ordinary tenant, you have made correct communications, and you are not in arrears in paying your rent.. . .

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