Central Bedfordshire Council Section 38 Agreement

Highway drainage should be installed inside the highway or an existing public road. Where a new motorway exit is planned on private land, an easement shall be included in the agreement provided for in paragraph 38. This process requires a legal agreement pursuant to section 278 of the Highways Act. Johnson Drive.Kestral Way and Turnham Drive have been approved by Council for some time, which you do not seem to know, that you say that construction is still not taking place as a ground for adoption, but other areas of the property that have not been accepted are much older than the three roads that have been adopted and the fact that the speeds are set by the developer at the time of adopting the roads, if my interpretation is correct, if that is the case. I don`t understand how a 30mph deal was made for Johnson Drive, which is the main street of the property and even the entrance to Astral Park and is widely used for schoolchildren, but Kestral Way is 20 mph. With friendly greetings, all amounts shuttling are payable prior to the conclusion of the agreement in section 38. After receiving your online application and all the information, your application will be assigned to our motorway agreement managers who will contact you and provide you with additional instructions and indicate the payment necessary to cover the costs of administrative and technical design examination. This must be paid before the start of the technical design examination. Once this tax is fully paid, the technical design review begins. No location inspection is initiated to authorize a developer`s work on site, unless the full contract fee has been paid.

These include information such as whether a road is publicly accepted, details about the extension of a public road, details about motorway proposals/plans and details about private roads. The team also maintains public records of Section 38 and Section 278 agreements. The lawyer`s fees related to the preparation and signing of the contract are invoiced separately to the lawyer of the developer of LGSS Law. To start the process, the developer must apply online and submit all the information on the contract checklist.. . .

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