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The SBA`s position is sensible, given that the SBA rules only require the prior approval of joint venture agreements. However, a former 8(a) company might be angry with the SBA`s stated position because that company was fired from Program 8(a) because it did not get – you guessed it – prior permission from the SBA for a team agreement. Your small business may award part of a set-aside contract to another company, even a large company. However, your subcontractor team must comply with the restrictions imposed by the FAR on outsourcing, which limit the workload you can outsource. In addition, your teaming agreement must not be contrary to the so-called affiliation rule of the SBA, or your small company and its subcontractor are considered related companies for reasons of size. A duly structured team agreement should delegate day-to-day control and management to the proposed lead contractor, and the proposed lead contractor should be solely responsible for performance. The government may find that the parties to a team agreement are „bound” for the purposes of the size standards if the potential prime contractor is overly dependent on its team partners or if the tasks and responsibilities of the parties are not clearly defined. Tip: Never claim that another company has violated teaming agreements and affiliate rules or the subcontractor submission rule to the SBA simply because it does not have the company`s experience and relies heavily on the large subcontractor. See SIZE APPEAL OF Reliable Contracting Group. After you have found that you and your joint venture partner have the right to do so, you should sign a joint venture agreement with government contracts. The Joint Venture Agreement is especially important if you are following an 8(a), a disabled veteran-owned small business or a contract for a small business owned by women, as these programmes require Joint Undertaking Agreements containing certain necessary provisions.

Don`t miss Richard Arnholt and Todd Overman, who will present the 2018 GovCon Summit in Florida. Your presentation offers strategic directions to help small businesses maximize their position in team relationships. The Florida GovCon Summit 2018 will take place from February 28 to March 1 at the Church Street Ballroom in Orlando, Florida. You can find more information and registration on the Solvability website. The answer depends on how you interpret FAR 9.6, which states that the government will recognize the integrity and validity of contractor team agreements; provided that the agreements are identified and that the industrial relations are fully disclosed in a tender or, in the case of agreements concluded after the submission of a tender, before the entry into force of the agreement. Normally, the government will not request or promote the termination of contractor team agreements. In addition, the SBA rules do not provide oversight and approval for team agreements. DOD agreements and contracts for small businesses, especially teaming agreements, are commonplace in today`s federal market. DOD public contracts are becoming increasingly complex. Small businesses cannot keep up with the increased resources needed to offer and fulfill more large federal orders. .

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