Uc Santa Cruz Articulation Agreement

Assistant Principal of Ruben Luber 209-386-3740 articulation@ucmerced.edu Starting your education at a Community College is a great way to earn a degree at the University of California. UC Santa Cruz prides itself on its strong relationship with California community colleges and together we have developed a program to secure admission to UCSC and help students make transfers. An Admission Guarantee Transfer (TAG) is a formal agreement that guarantees autumn clearance in your desired proposed main subject. If your school does not have an articulation agreement with UCSC or if the course you wish to transmit is not articulated, please send an email to the undergraduate mathematics advisor with the following information: We understand that there is a lot of information to take when transferring to UC. 4 Sign up for UC TAP – UC TAP is a tool that allows you to take and schedule your California community course courses to qualify for UC.5 Visit the UC Transfer Pathways site to see if your core subject is one of the majors, which have already defined a unique set of courses.6 Check out the National Support website for course-to-course articulation agreements for The University of Safe California.Be, collaborate with the consulting/consulting experts at your people`s university and access UCSC transfer web information to view transfer-specific requirements and our campus selection criteria. Best wishes to you on your transfer trip! Note: Highly selective majors may have different minimum requirements….

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